Petition for Businesses

Click this link to sign a petition for businesses to speak up about Unitil and a rate hike.

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This column from the November 10, 2012 issue of The Boston Globe is about something munis are doing right and investor-owned utilities aren't.

Revised Legislation

Revised legislation went into effect in August 2012.

Muni Update

This column from the August 6, 2012 issue of Banker & Tradesman explains what is happening with the Muni Bill at the State House.


Unitil is second only to NSTAR in their lobbying expenditures. See the chart, from the Secretary of State's office by way of Channel 5, for a breakdown.

DPU Rate Hike Decision

Although the DPU granted Unitil a rate increase, the amount was slashed. For more information, see the DPU report.

Rate Comparison

This chart from the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company compares rates from munis and investor-owned utilities for a house that uses 750 kWh of electricity per month. Notice where Fitchburg Gas and Electric (d/b/a Unitil) ranks.

Unitil Management Audit Report

Click here to see the April 13, 2011 management audit report prepared for the DPU.

Who We Are

We are a group of area residents who have come together to explore and promote effective change from our current utility provider, Unitil.

Do you remember the ice storm of December 2008? If you live in Unitil's service area—Ashby, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, or Townsend—you probably can't forget. Generators, fireplaces, flashlights, and a complete lack of information from our electric utility were our constant companions.

And, ironically, this was not the first time. We lost power for an extended period in December 1996, and there was no communication then, either. Our desire for change has grown, not just from the devastation of the storm of 2008, but also with continuing business practices that include regular blue sky outages, overestimated bills, and the second highest electric rates in the country.

If You Have a Problem with Unitil

If you have a problem such as an interruption of service, a billing issue, or an unusual meter reading, do this:

  1. Contact Unitil at 888-301-7700 and try to resolve the issue.
  2. Send an email to the Consumer Affairs contact at the DPU:
  3. File a complaint with the Department of Public Utilities.

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